Kevin Suzuki (L) with Steven Olivares (R)
Bushido Award
2019 Winner - 
Steven Olivares
The Nikkei Karate Committee is proud to announce the 2019 Budo award to Steven Olivares.

Sensei Steven has been training with Reigikai SKIF Las Vegas since he was 7 years old under Sensei Ronald Tolentino. He is currently a 2nd dan black belt. For as long as he can remember he has been traveling and competing to strive for perfection and looking for new challenges. For the past 13 years he has always loved going to the Nikkei Games and every time he goes he leaves with a good spirit and has placed the 13 years he has gone. He comes to enjoy the atmosphere and to make new friends. He is currently on team El Salvador, looking to be able to represent his family.

Congratulations Steven !

The Bushido Award is given to the competitor that has demonstrated karate in the true spirit of budo. It is not necessarily given to the best competitor but is also awarded for extraordinary displays of sportsmanship and spirit.

The winner is selected by the Nikkei Karate Committee. A trophy is awarded and the winner recognized at the subsequent years event. Winners need not be selected every year, only if a competitor displays the necessary qualifications.

When we select an award winner, it is not about the who the best fighter is or who does the best kata. It is primarily about demonstration of the martial spirit. It is about a competitor that exemplifies the true values of Bushido (warrior’s code). Proper attitude is paramount. The competitor is a humble when winning and is respectful when losing. When fighting, the competitor exercises proper control and constantly demonstrates good sportsmanship.