Bushido Award
Past Winners
2007 Tanya Baeza

Tanya placed first in Women's kata and second in Women's kumite. It was her excellent display of skill combined with her disciplined attitude and her fighting spirit that attracted the attention of the committee. Tanya trains under Sensei Akira Fukuda.
(Second from Left) With Soke Kubota, Art Ishii, Rod Kuratomi)
2008 Marcial Soto

Shihan Dai Marcial Soto placed first in the 40 and over kumite. Originally from Peru, he is a consistent and inspirational competitor and an outstanding sportman. He is a prime example of a true karateka. Humble when winning and always respectful. Marcial has become an icon in the Southern California tournament circuit. In 1989, Marcial was the IKA World Kumite Champion. 20 years and still a world class competitor
2009 Joey Abadilla 

Joey Abadilla consistently performs well at the Nikkei Games. He is a formidable competitor in both kata and kumite. He is an excellent sportman and an excellent example of budo in action. In addition, he is Sensei Kevin Suzuki's Uke for the Nikkei Karate demonstration and helps with the tournament every year.

Joey trains in Shito Ryu under the Genbu Kai Organization in Riverside.
2010 Sandra Beutler

Sandra was a standout as not only a competitor but as a volunteer for the Nikkei Games. Her spirit and attitude is an inspiration to us all. She started karate as an adult 11 years ago and trains Shito Ryu under Ferdie Allas at SDJKC in San Diego.

2011 Brian Hilliard

Brian is a nationally ranked competitor and a student of Genbu Kai under Sensei Fumio Demura. His dynamic fighting style is surpassed only by his humility and respect for his art. He has won numerous Nikkei Games titles and vounteers his time to officiate the Nikkei Karate Tournament as well.  He is an exemplary example of karate budo and we are proud to present him with the 2011 award. 
Mina Yamazaki with Kevin Suzuki, Ed Smith, and Rod Kuratomi
​2012 Mina Yamazaki

Sensei Mina Yamazaki of Ryobu Kai is the daughter Master Kiyoshi Yamazaki. She has trained in karate her entire life and is a nationally ranked competior. She is a fierce competitor, a dedicated instructor and coach. We are proud to award her the 2012 Bushido Award.

2013 Les Heri

Sensei Les Heri of the Shoreiha Dojo-Okinawa Goju-Ryu Research and Preservation Society in Torrance was awarded the Budo award for the outstanding spirit, humility, respect, and karate excellence demonstrated by his students. Sensei Heri has been a long time supporter of the games and his students performance and attitude demonstrates Sensei Heri's dedication to the preservation of traditional karate. We are very proud to present the 2013 Budo Award to him.
2015 Shawn Danaher

Sensei Shawn Danaher of Camarillo Shotokan is was a long time student and instructor for Sensei Victor Young. Shawn now is the head instructor for Camarillo Shotokan and continues to be an excellent role model and instructor in karate. We commend him for his high level of sportsmanship and skill. He is a consummate gentleman and a great representative of karate-do.
2014 Enrique Partida

Enrique Partida is from San Luis, Arizona and is a former US National Team Member. He was selected for the award for his excellence in kumite and demonstration of sportsmanship and fighting spirit.
2016 Ramon Mares

Sensei  Ramon Mares of Boyle Heights Karate-Do. Ramon is the son of long time instructor Enrique Mares. He has been training since age 3 and competing since age 5. Ramon was bestowed the award for his excellent display of sportsmanship and karate proficiency. He is a prime example of a true karateka displaying not only excellent skill but humility as well. He is a long time supporter of the Nikkei games, has won several medals and continues to be an excellent role model to all young karateka.

 Yamila Marcu trains at the Shugyokan Dojo in Gardena under Sensei Prince Loeffler. She has been a consistent competitor that always is willing to assist others. The amazing thing is she is 14 years old and has the skill and maturity of a much older karateka. She frequently medals in WKF and USNKF competitions and at the dojo loves sharing her karate experiences by helping her younger team mates giving them private help and encouragement. She is a prime example of a true karateka displaying not only excellent skill but humility as well, giving back to the art of karate through her teaching.
 2017 Yamila Marcu